Individual development

PiCompany Online Development Tools ™

PiCompany offers a number of online tools that provide you with a quick overview of the talent and development potential. The availability in multiple languages and through various online and mobile applications makes remote use always possible. Following a training, you will be certified to use these e-tools.

Reflector Big Five Personality: The e-HRM tool Reflector Big Five Personality gives a good indication of how easily an employee can show or further develop the selected competencies. (click through to website PiCompany)

Reflector 360 feedback: With the online 360° feedback questionnaire Reflector 360, the employee is judged by his peers in how far he has mastered the required skills or can improve them. The employee and people from his immediate work environment, including the supervisor, colleague, customer,… fill in the same systematic 360 feedback questionnaire. (click through to website PiCompany)

Performance Improvement Plan: Employees who do what they’re good at, have more fun in their work and gain more appreciation. The Performance Improvement Plan is an effective e-tool that provides clear insight into the relationship between the personality of an employee and a set of preselected competencies. (click through to website PiCompany)

Reflector Drives is a scientifically substantiated questionnaire, fully tailored to the working environment. The test gives us a clear indication which of the 12 incentives an employee attaches to a greater or lesser extent interest to. The score of the incentives test is immediately translated into behavior and motivation.

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GITP Talent Development Center ™

You want to effectively determine the growth potential of your employees?

You aim for a baseline measurement of skills when drawing up a personal development plan?

You want to assess which role/function fits your employee best given his motivations and talents?

Our Talent Development Center ™ is therefore a great opportunity. It offers a deeper and broader understanding of the abilities, motivations, negative sides as well as a clear view of the development opportunities and development potential of your talent. From a more complete context analysis, we also look into critical success factors, risk of failure and the integration with culture, managers and colleagues. The GITP Talent Development Center™ also offers a clear view of the employees’ development needs, capabilities and opportunities and translates them to a development perspective for the future.

During the Talent Development Center™, the participant – together with two consultants – goes through a challenging and insightful program lasting one day which offers immediate feedback, possibility for reflection and challenging games. The program also consists of personality questionnaires, ability tests and an in-depth interview. The continuous feedback creates a dynamic atmosphere in which the participant is challenged to truly open himself up. This also allows him to assess his own performance critically and assume responsibility for its further development. What drives him, what ambitions does he have and which values/beliefs determine his behavior? The resulting image is then connected to the added value that will bring the participants to your organization, in view of the context and strategic objectives.

All of our findings are joined in a comprehensive report, in which we also pay considerable attention to the elaboration of some solid development tips and recommendations for further development. Finally, there’s the possibility to set up a concrete Personal Development plan together with the participant.

With insights gained from a Talent Development Center ™, participants can – in a subsequent program – speed up their development in a focused and effective manner. This way, both your organization and participant gain maximum results from the development center (click through to coaching – development etc …).

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Personal Competence Training

Your employee has just finished a Talent Development Center ™ and would like to directly address the development issues which have emerged from it. A Personal Competence Training delivers customization to immediately improve certain competencies. The competence training consists of half a day filled with a combination of coaching and exercise. We do ask the employee to study the theory beforehand (possibly via an e-learning module).

It is better for the Personal Competence Training to take place fairly quickly after the development center. That way, there is a seamless connection with the still fresh experience of the development center.

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Individual coaching

Thanks to an individual coaching program that seamlessly connects to the results and recommendations from the Talent Development Center ™, your employee is given the opportunity to expand its behavioral repertoire with new, effective and energy-giving behavior.

Our coaching programs are always concrete, solution-oriented, practical and profound. Each program starts with an intake in which the coaching question is clearly formulated and where specific objectives are determined. Our coach always adapts the program to the personal (professional) situation of the participant. It is appropriate for the individual coaching to take place soon after the Talent Development Center ™. That way, there is a seamless connection with the still fresh experience of the development center.

An individual coaching program is of course also possible apart from a Talent Development Center ™. Our individual coaching programs focus on letting go of “old” patterns and increase the behavioral repertoire. That leads to more authentic and effective behavior so that the employee is more balanced, has more inner peace and better knowledge of what really gives him energy.

Our coaches are all broadly educated (ICF Certified) and have vast experience. They show a lot of respect and listening skills and give your employees some useful tips for further development.

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