Organisation development

GITP – Results through People start every development process by determining a sharp initial diagnosis: in what stage of development does your organization find itself? What problems and difficulties do you foresee? What does the environment demand? Are your teams and employees adequately armed to face the strategic challenges?

GITP – Results through People illustrates the structure and culture of your organization, and examines the role and competences of the management team. We also analyze the contributions of individual employees.

Then, our consultants examine the structures and forms of cooperation within your organization and determine its qualities. We then work together on its further development. This can take the form of management development programs, customized training and individual coaching.

The development of people is central to our goals. New behavior is only possible if people are convinced of its usefulness and necessity. Change is only possible when employees know their role/responsibility and accept them. Therefore, we not only focus on improving skills and behavior, but also on the motives and values ​​and (sometimes stubborn) beliefs or emotional aspects that stand in the way of change. Results are really possible with this method.

Our programs for organization development are always a combination of providing insight (using instruments), advice, training and coaching. In any form whatsoever. This makes for inspiring change processes, tailored to your question and situation. With solutions that can be measured effectively.

Our consultants are experienced and pleasant sparring partners who can adapt and improvise quickly and pragmatically. Always focused on delivering maximum value. You may expect them to offer eye-openers and insight. In that way, they achieve surprising and effective interventions, with regards to the human factor.