Team & leadership development

Team & Leadership Development – Leading for Results

Our principle: Better results through committed employees

The Leadership of Team Development programs of GITP – Results through People are always customized. They are consistent with the strategy, vision and culture of your organization. Your specific question is translated into maximum results at the level of the individual, the team and your organization. Whether it is a short, powerful intervention or a thorough development process, our customized training courses always consist of a combination of: advice, insight (including diagnostic (e) tools), training (the development of behavior and skills) and coaching (reflection on learning, motivations and performance).

During the program, participants learn how to summon up and develop existing potential in employees. This investment in leadership leads to a spin-off that is seen and felt throughout the entire organization.

In our custom programs, we usually use the 70:20:10 principle. We use a mix of development methods: action learning, practical assignments, learning-on-the-job, e-learning, knowledge, skills, teamwork, games/simulations, coaching and mentoring. This results in a steep learning curve for the participants.

Where appropriate, we use blended learning. GITP Blended Learning is a sophisticated mix of offline and online learning, a pedagogical founded approach where classroom (classroom learning), digital (e-learning) and informal learning (social learning) are seamlessly integrated.

High efficiency: with our didactic knowledge of and expertise in organizational and personal development and the deployment of a state-of-the-art online system, we develop modern and highly effective development programs for you.

Determining results: before each tailor-made program, we formulate objectives together at an individual, team and organizational level and determine the coherence between them. That way, we can determine and measure – during and/or after the process – whether objectives are met and the intended results are achieved.

References of customized programs are available on demand in the following areas:

  • Leadership programs and management development
  •  Team development and team coaching
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Personal effectiveness and team effectiveness
  • Management of change during mergers and reorganizations
  • Competence and performance management