Results through People

People are the cornerstone of what we do. At GITP – Results through People we have one goal: a ‘personal touch’. In everything we do, there is a personal and respectful collaboration with clients, candidates, suppliers and employees.

Our roots

We are proud of our “roots”. Providing an understanding of talents and allowing the development of people and organizations has been the focus of GITP since 1947. GITP is a renowned consultancy firm that was founded in 1947 through a partnership between two Dutch universities: Tilburg and Nijmegen. Initially, this partnership focused on recruitment, selection and career issues. Back then, scientifically based criteria were developed within GITP for the selection of personnel. Gradually, GITP’s field of activity was broadened to the development of people and organizations.

In February 2015, the Belgian branch of GITP (GITP Belgium) was adopted by the shareholders of Bakker & Partners and the name was changed to GITP – Results through People. The collaboration between GITP/PiCompany still exists so that GITP – Results through People can continue to call on all instruments and develop the former “parent company”.

GITP – Results through People has resolutely opted to operate as an independent company from Bakker & Partners, with its own consultants to guarantee independence and objectivity.

Our mission

GITP – Results through People wants to support organizations when they attract, anchor and develop their human resources. Allowing people and organizations to function better in their professional and social environment: that is our mission. We do this by providing an understanding of talents and skills, and by allowing further development. The result is that people are stronger and more inspired and organizations more profitable, relevant and effective.

Onze waarden

We acknowledge and recognize the feelings and needs of others so that we can take this into account.

We say what we do and we do what we say.

We remain critical and are always looking for new and better ways to best serve all our customers. We always do this in consultation with.

You tend do something well when you like what you do. We are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do.

Result oriented
We undertake effective and efficient actions to achieve our goal.

Working for GITP

Professionalism, genuine interest in people, teamwork and entrepreneurship. This is what characterizes our employees.

Space and commitment. Commitment to work, colleagues and customers at all levels. Employees receive a lot of space to develop new initiatives and to manage their own work.

Informal and people-oriented. That is the culture of GITP. But also business and result oriented. There is sometimes talk of a heavy workload, but there is also time for other activities. Professional and personal development for example. Choosing for GITP – Results through People, after all, means choosing for a continuous learning environment. So that the work continues to reflect the ambitions and market developments.

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